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Simpurgo Building Maintenance started from humble beginnings and has kept the same solid corporate foundation since starting our janitorial company in 2010. Our strong values have guided us to become one of the most sought after service providers in Western Canada. Earning the position as the most reliable and quality driven janitorial company is proven through our 100% client retention since 2015 and our 72% growth rate, year over year. We not only want to be the best at what we do, we also want our clients to benefit from our successes. Simpurgo creates a partnership with our clients so we can grow together.

Known as a janitorial company who cares, we understand a cleaning service is an expense and not a revenue stream, therefore we are honored when a client invests in our company to maintain their main investment. Whether it be cleanliness to retain tenants and customers, hygiene cleanliness to protect your staff or preventative maintenance to increase the longevity of your building…your investment is always protected with Simpurgo Building Maintenance.

Simpurgo Building Maintenance is in the janitorial industry so that you don’t have to be. Our fully customizable cleaning services are specially designed so that you can focus on your core business while we handle all your cleaning requirements. Simpurgo has the experience and management capabilities to create and implement a cleaning schedule best fit for your unique building and the people within it. Call 1-888-853-7117 to receive the most out of your janitorial budget

If you are forcing your employees to address cleaning issues, then it is not only taking them away from their core job, but oftentimes, the cleaning work done will be substandard at best. Let Simpurgo Building Maintenance assist with your office cleaning needs so your employee's can do what they do best. 

Your restaurant has high standards and serves only the highest quality food, so it’s important those same standards carry over to the cleaning of your restaurant. Having a clean restaurant not only encourages customer satisfaction, but also promotes increased hygiene with your entire restaurant staff.

Whether you’re running a grocery store, a car dealership, or a clothing store, a polished, clean and attractive storefront can make the positive difference in a customer’s first impression. We specialize in detailed janitorial services that will compliment the beautiful items your selling. 

With a professional janitorial provider like Simpurgo Building Maintenance, you'll experience the best possible commercial cleaning service in Western Canada. Our commitment to quality service has lead us to become a leader in the janitorial industry. View our full list of janitorial services to see how we can help your business grow.

How to choose a janitorial company?

All janitorial companies are not all equals. Just like every other industry, we too have many inadequate companies who will always come up short. Putting your trust and assets in the hands of a service provider can be a daunting process. Here are some tips to help make the process easier:

  1. Look for testimonials and customer reviews online to vet them prior to making contact.
  2. Require them to attend a site visit so you can met them in person and discuss your building needs. Beware of companies who quote without physically viewing your location. 
  3. Did their quote include a detailed list of all fundamental cleaning tasks they'll perform during each visit? They should also include a strong execution plan for achieving cleanliness standards.
  4. To protect your staff, assets and your customers, ensure they have $5,000,000 liability insurance, employee theft bond and WCB.
  5. Safety should always be at the top of every janitorial providers list. Ask them to provide their OHS, Code of Conduct and Risk Management policies.

And don't be shy to ask for trial clean prior to making your final decision. This will more than likely eliminate all who can not effectively manage the scope of work and/or companies who will subcontract the cleaning. 

Do you have questions about our janitorial services?

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“We help our customers so they can focus on their core business. Our business is cleaning.”