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Simpurgo Building Maintenance strives to provide the highest quality commercial cleaning and janitorial services Alberta has to offer

At Simpurgo Building Maintenance, we take pride in providing the highest quality commercial cleaning and janitorial services Western Canada has to offer.  Our janitorial services include: commercial buildings, restaurants, retail outlets, educational institutions, medical facilities and industrial properties.  Our team of commercial cleaning professionals will provide you with services you can count on.  We are committed to providing dependable and consistent commercial cleaning services to clients throughout Western Canada.  

Our local cleaning experts will help you create a commercial cleaning program  that works with you and your business.  The result is a clean and comfortable environment for your staff, customers, tenants, students, and anyone who may visit your premises or facilities. 

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“At Simpurgo we work for our clients to reach their expectations, not just ours.”

Matthew Roselle, CEO & Founder

Green Cleaning

Simpurgo Building Maintenance is committed to the environment and uses a line of environmentally friendly commercial cleaning products. Feel good knowing the cleaning products we use in your facility will be Ecologo certified and will not leave a toxic residue. 

Our mission is to provide each one of our clients with, not only the best janitorial services, but the best environmentally friendly products. If your building is part of the Canada Green Building Council or BOMA Best we will work with you to provide a cleaning service and products which far exceed minimum requirements.

Simpurgo Building Maintenance Ecologo commercial cleaning and janitorial products
Our commercial cleaning and janitorial products are environmentally friendly

EP50 by Avmor

EP50 is our go to product of choice. It's a disinfectant and multi-purpose hydrogen peroxide based cleaner. It has neutral PH so it won't harm sensitive surfaces, but is strong enough to kill 99.9% of bacteria. The orange oil helps fight grease and oils while providing a pleasant deodorizer. The versatility of EP50 let's us clean from floor to ceiling so your facility receives a 360 deg eco friendly clean.

EP74 by Avmor

EP74 is one of the only organic compound bowl and tile cleaners on the market. It's a mild citric acid based all-purpose cleaner containing no VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds), no APE (Alkyl Phenol Ethoxylates) and is Phosphate free.

EP60 by Avmor

EP60 is a biodegradable stainless polish. Containing less than 1% VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds), no solvents and is EcoLogo CCD-146 Certified. Suitable for all food plants and kitchens

EP67 by Avmor

When we have a tough cleaning job, we us the toughest eco friendly product on the market. EP67 is an industrial cleaner containing no Phosphates, no Nonyl Phenol Ethoxylates, no VOCs and no 2-butoxyethanol.

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The value of your investment is clearly seen when using Simpurgo’s commercial cleaning services.


Our goal is to provide consistent cleaning services and gain your trust as a dependable client.


Strong and positive relationships that are open and honest is what differentiates us


When you are confident in your product and services, you achieve excellence.

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